Boating on Lake Burley Griffin

If you are considering using your boat on Lake Burley Griffin then please be aware that you may require a boating permit. To find out what the requirements are regarding the boat permit please got to National Capital Authority Website.

There can delays in getting a permit as you will be required to undergo a safety inspection with ACT Water Police so get onto this quickly.

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Notice to fishing public

The NCA has received reports of concerning behaviors being displayed by a few people fishing on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin.

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Fish Stocking Day


Canberra Local Lakes Native Fish Stocking Tuesday 15th December starting at 11am at Yerrabi Ponds down from the skate park. All welcome..

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New Members Night

Come along to our new member's night and bring a friend on Tuesday 9th December from 7:30pm at Eastlake FC Griffith

  • Meet like-minded anglers
  • Share fishing tales
  • Learn new tips
  • Keep up-to-date with boating and fishing regulations
  • Discover what the Canberra Fisherman’s Club can offer you

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Smarter photos with your smart phone

Chris Head with a Carp off Bowen Park

Camera phones are extremely convenient and great for sharing photos with friends either by text message or e-mail and for instantly uploading onto social media such as Facebook. These days, most smart phone cameras come with a range of functions and aps that mobile phone cameras did not have only a few years ago. It will be interesting to see where this technology takes us in the next few years. Nevertheless, smart phone cameras have their limitations. In my experience with an iphone 4 and 5S, I have found that they take good quality close-up shots and wide angle scenery shots when there is good lighting. In some cases, they also take great panorama shots.

On the other hand, you will struggle to get a good shot of an animal in the distance or get a sharp image when attempting action shots. Photos are not that great on overcast days. In addition, the proximity of the flash to the lens in the iPhone pretty much often makes night shots a waste of time unless you can find a way to prevent the flash glaring in the corner of the photo.

You also have little room for error in composing a shot as the image resolution is usually insufficient to allow you to crop poorly composed photos on a computer. But if you work within those limitations, then you can take some great photos with your smart phone.

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