What a fantastic month - Canberra Fisherman's Club had a strong showing at the Narooma Convention, held on the Canberra Day long weekend. Anthony Heiser and Steve Bailey did all the heavy lifting, with great results in the Beach and Estuary sections. As always, it was a great location and we all had an awesome time – I'm already looking forward to returning next year! Check out Anthony's great article.


Looking ahead, there’s only a few months left in the annual Club Championship and the fishing has been getting better each day. This month’s outing is to Batemans Bay to the new South Coast ANSA convention run by the Euro Fishing Association. It’s right in our backyard, so we can fish all our favourite spots – hopefully we’ll see a few CFC members on the podium at the end of the convention. There’s already a good number of anglers down to attend – let the outings officer know if you want to join us!


Read the March 2019 edition of the Canberra Fisherman's Club Newsletter (pdf).

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